Woods Creative specializes in the visual presentation of technical content and abstract concepts – or, information design. Our goals are to provide innovative design solutions in an elegant and efficient manner, to insure that all projects, across all media, contribute to a defined visual identity, and to build a valuable portfolio of graphic assets for each of our clients.

Your logo, the photos in your corporate brochure, the illustrations used in your ads and presentations, your technical literature, the sales copy painstakingly pushed through 15 rewrites... these are your graphic assets.

Graphic assets are valuable, and in addition to their use in print media, can provide content for websites, presentations, exhibits and much more. In fact, utilizing your current graphic assets is not only cost effective, but, it strengthens your visual identity and maintains a coherent and unified marketing message.

We've all heard that "the medium is the message". If that was ever true, (which we doubt), it is no longer the case. Entering the knowledge age, we must understand that the message is the message. If you have nothing of importance to say, a large advertising budget or a flashy website can't help you, and excellent information design is impossible.

To communicate effectively, features, benefits and data must be presented quickly, clearly and coherently. Our approach is to embrace this complexity of content and "layer" the various facets of your message in order to clarify them.

Tom Woods - since founding Woods Creative in 1982, Tom has consistently delivered high-quality communications projects in a variety of media, for a wide variety of industries. His work reflects over 30 years of experience in advertising and marketing. He has won recognition for his ability to communicate complex data by integrating superior graphics with knowledgeable copywriting into a total communications package. Prior to founding Woods Creative, Tom served as Creative Director at Anderson, Dunston and Helene (ADH), an ad agency specializing in business-to-business marketing and communications, and an eight year stint as Corporate Art Director at Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, NJ.

Kathy Kesting Woods - is a Marketing & Communications Professional with expertise in strategic marketing, corporate branding, content development, and project management. Recognized for managing change, building collaborative relationships, conceptual thinking, and innovation; Kathy’s years of experience with diverse industries enables her to offer unique insight into strategic business development.

Consulting for Woods Creative, Kathy is currently Marketing & Communications Manager at Teledyne LeCroy, and has held staff positions as Director of Corporate Communications for Instrumentation Engineering; Marketing Manager for Flextronics Test and has served as Art Editor at GOLF Magazine and GAMES Magazines. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and a Masters of Communication degree from William Paterson University.