We can bill either on a project-basis, where we agree upon a set price, or an hourly basis.

Project-based billing works to everyone's advantage if we all know up front what the clearly defined goals are, and what the deliverables are. In order to quote on a project-basis, we need to have a thorough understanding of:

• how much input you will be providing
• are we using any pre-existing content? (logo, photography, copy, illustrations, etc)
• what are the deliverables? (ex: are we managing the project through printing, or just doing the design?)
• what is the time schedule?

Hourly-based billing is a viable option when:
• there are no clearly defined deliverables because the product may be still in development
• the project is likely to be long-term (longer than three months)
• the project is likely to go through a number of extensive revision phases that can't be defined up front
• you wish to develop your project in phases

Our base hourly rate for creative services is $75/hour.

Typically, project fees billed 'one-third/one-third/one third'...a third when the project is started, a third when final approvals are completed and the balance when the project is delivered. 'Delivery' is defined as the point at which we hand over the final files to you or a supplier (printer, magazine, exhibit house, etc), or when your website is ready for upload.

What about revisions?
Revisions are a part of the business. In acknowledging this, reasonable routine revisions are always built into our project pricing. Excessive revisions are not, and will be billed at an agreed-upon hourly rate (typically lower than our base rate of $65). However, we always make every effort to make it possible for you to make revisions at the draft or interim stages, not just before your job goes on press! If we are about to run over our quote due to unforeseen revisions, we will let you know.


Client confidentiality is a given at Woods Creative. In 22 years in operation, we have never caused a client a concern because confidentiality was compromised in any way.

For large or small companies, we routinely sign formal confidentiality agreements - and we have always honored them. If a formal document is not required, the end result is the same - we will uphold the trust you have placed in us and safeguard your sensitive information as if it were our own.


We take pride in our on-time delivery of creative services, and will always make every attempt to adhere to any previously agreed-upon completion dates.

'Drop dead' final delivery dates like those for tradeshow materials, publication deadlines, etc. are easy to deal with - everyone knows that there is generally no additional time available, so the job MUST get done on time.

A bit harder to manage are long-range creative projects with deadlines that are non-specific. In these cases, it is still in everyone's best interest to complete this type of project as quickly and as efficiently as possible. To expedite this, we routinely serve as the 'project shepherd' for our clients, and liaison with various internal departments, suppliers, and subcontractors, establishing and enforcing project deadlines and responsibilities.


What about alliances and hiring other allied creative services for my project?

What if the project calls for studio or location photography? Do you have to go out and interview photographers? No. We have long-standing relationships with professional photographers with the specific expertise needed, from boardroom executive portraiture to scientific time-lapse photography to aerial photography. We arrange for and manage photography services and the bill is passed along to you with no markup, unlike many ad agencies and design firms.

When it comes time to print your project, we can either recommend a qualified printer, or work with someone you already have a relationship with.

Once the design and production are completed, we typically prepare print specs (stock, ink coverage, trim/bleed sizes, etc) are solicit competitive bids on your behalf. This keeps the printers 'honest' and gets you the best possible job at the optimum quality level needed.

Typically, a high-level interactive website requires the close collaboration of a number of professionals other than just the designer – coders, programmers and database specialists. Through close working relationships with these other specialties we can design and implement just about any level of site, and take responsibility for the whole.

Woods Creative is not an exhibit house, but we do have extensive experience in designing and sourcing trade show booths, kiosks, popup displays etc. Since 1982, we have worked with a number of quality exhibit providers in the North Jersey NY area.

Getting your product written up in a trade magazine for free is easy if you signed up for a $200,000 ad schedule; it's a little harder to do if your budget is say, $15,000. Through alliances with area PR firms, we can recommend on how best to get your piece of the 'free' PR pie. One of the keys is finding and hiring the right external PR pro for your project; someone who knows retail, for example, is NOT the person you need to lobby for your niche technical product; helping you find the right person who thoroughly and intimately knows your particular market is what we can do for you.