copywriting services

Woods Creative has extensive experience in all phases of copywriting, including –

Advertising copywriting

Features/benefits oriented copywriting for –
• magazine advertising
• product brochures
• capabiliites brochures
• direct mail campaigns
• newsletters

Technical copywriting

• product datasheets & specification documents
• instruction manuals
• documentation
• editing for publication

'New Media' copywriting & content development

• copywriting for websites
• email campaigns
• writing of company's 'capsule description/mission statement' for website directories
• interactive CDs

General business copywriting

• proposals
• business plans
• 'ghostwriting' PR articles for publication
• business presentations, internal & external

Need an expert in a very specific technical area? Woods Creative has a network of proven, reliable copy pros we have long-time relationships with; chances are if we can't do it in-house, we can come up with the exact right person for the job.

Foreign language translations

We also have handled foreign language translations of existing or new marketing materials into a variety of languages including Spanish, French, German and Japanese. Foreign language typesetting requires special considerations and type characters that are are generally not available in basic word processing applications; wev'e faced it before and know how to handle it.