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Advertising & Ad Placement

We have extensive experience in developing and producing ad campaigns for companies of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 operations. We can work with you to develop the optimum campaign for your product or service in the advertising media offering the best ROI.

Design and production fees for ad campaign development are typically project-based rather than hourly based.

Media Planning

No matter what your budget, Woods Creative can craft a sensible, well-thought out media plan and budget for your marketing initiatives, including –

• research of potential trade publications for your product or service
• procurement and analysis of media kits, including editorial calendars and comparative ad space costs
• research of potential 'new media' options (banner ads, website sponsorship opportunities, email campaigns, web directory placements, etc)
• investigation of potential direct mail opportunities, including list recommendation/procurement
• identification and follow-through of potential Public Relations initiatives and opportunities

Research and media planning fees are typically hourly-based.


Need a premium for an upcoming trade show, incentives promotion or just to have on-hand? Woods Creative can research and recommend 'best for your buck' premium solutions, and manage the production of the premium item, start to finish.

Premium manufacturing technologies usually differ greatly from traditional print or web-based methods of reproduction, and familiarity and experience with these other areas is important for the best result.

A quick example: the electronic art for your logo as it used for brochures, websites, etc. is not likely to reproduce well when silk screened, laser engraved, reduced to a miniscule size or reproduced in only one color on a premium item. It may require a new version to be created that is optimized for the particular reproduction process.

Sure, many premium manfucturers may offer guidelines for optimum reproduction, but they are not going to spend more than a few minutes adapting your existing artwork beyond the 'commercially acceptable' level. It's just not worth the small profit margins in this field.

Woods Creative will –

• research & recommendation of premium alternatives
• research sourcing & obtain the lowest pricing on your behalf
• create & transmit the 'optimized-for-the-process' electronic files to the chosen supplier
• oversee your job from order placement through proofing and production phases

Our reasonable fees for overseeing your project are generally hourly-based; we can arrange that you be invoiced the net amount directly by the manufacturer.

Already have a relationship with a premium provider? No problem; we can work with them just as easily.