Why exhibit at a tradeshow? Compared to print advertising or direct mail, trade shows can be pretty expensive. But there are some very good reasons for considering it. First and foremost, you’ll probably be able to reach the most influential part of your market, all in one place, at one time.

This is your big chance make an impression, so what will your exhibit look like? Sure, you’ve already committed to spending several thousand on the show space, airfare, hotel, etc. but are you now just going to throw in the towel and accept the standard blue ‘shower curtain-drape’ background and block-lettered ‘your name here’ show card that the trade show supplies? We hope not. Assuming you only go to one show a year and don’t have a huge budget, what are your options?

option 1: Purchase a typical 10-ft. curved backwall velcro-panel exhibit with lights for $3,500. Add a logo header and 6-8 stick-on graphic panels and you’re pushing $5,000.

option 2: Rent* a 10-ft. curved backwall exhibit (sans velcro panels) with lights for $500. Instead of stick-on graphic panels, you can do a large full coverage seamless graphic for ±$1,500. Add a custom logo header for $350. Total cost, $2,350. The full-coverage graphics will give you an impressive high-end custom look at half the cost of Option 1. Putting your money into the graphics rather than the exhibit structure makes sense.

*Based on renting a Skyline 10-ft Mirage exhibit with 5 lights and packing cases. Rentals typically are for a 21 day period, which allows plenty of time for transit to and from show. Most exhibit suppliers will also apply a rental fee towards a purchase if you decide you’d rather own the exhibit. Even if you only go to one show a year, you could set up the exhibit permanently in your foyer and use it year-round to tell your story to clients and visitors.

Use your graphic assets... your exhibit can be designed to totally coordinate with your sales literature, utilizing your existing photography, logo, graphics, color schemes, etc. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. In fact, utilizing your current graphic assets is not only cost effective, but, it strengthens your visual identity and maintains a coherent and unified communication system.