complete website design & implementation services

Who designs your initial website?
We do. You either provide with us ‘content’ (words, pictures, logos, etc) or we can develop the content for you, including copywriting, product photography, technical illustrations - whatever you need.

Additionally, many times existing marketing materials you may have in electronic form (brochures, Word documents, Powerpoint presentations, etc) can be easily re-purposed as content for your website, so you’re not reinventing the wheel.

If you already have an existing website that needs a facelift, we can easily download it and modify it to your needs. We can then upload it to your current webhost, so no new arrangements need to made. We’ll even contact your hosting company and get the required server setting and passwords required for uploading.

A few words about Keywords
Embedding keywords into the code of your site is critical - these keywords are one way the search engines find your site. The embedding of keywords is NOT automatic when a site is designed; it’s an extra step we always take. This is not to say that your site could never come up in a search without embedded keywords, but it’s a little extra insurance that may get you better positioning in a search.

To see an example of what keywords are embedded into this site, do this now:

1) Assuming you’re in Explorer, under the VIEW menu, click SOURCE

2) look for the line <meta name="keywords" content="woods creative, woods creative services, advertising, advertising design, etc. These are the keywords embedded in this site.

Effective? Try this: do a Google search for ‘Woods Creative’. Our site should come up on the maybe the second page... of hundreds.

Who gets your website up and maintains it?
We do. We upload the initial site and then update it whenever required. Minor updates can usually be accomplished within a few hours, so your site will always be current. (In fact, uploading a revised page really only takes about two seconds real-time). Minor updates are billed at our minimum hourly charge of $50, so keeping your site up-to-date is pretty inexpensive.

Domain Registration
We can recommend, check availability and register your domain name for you. Domain registration for one year is only $14.99, and even less for multi-year registrations.

Since domain registration was deregulated several years ago (ending the registrar monopoly of there are now literally thousands of registrars who can register your name, at wildly different prices. For example, two biggies, and, will charge you $34.99 for one year, more than double what we typically pay. And domain registration is the same no matter who does it; there is no service provided other than filling out a form and you paying the fee.

Painless Webhosting Setup
Once your domain is registered, we can quickly setup a hosting account for you with one of several reliable, inexpensive hosting companies we deal with. You’ll be billed by the host directly, either on a quarterly or yearly (or longer) basis. The longer the term, the lower the monthly charge. Example: $11.96 per month for annual hosting contract or $7.95 per month for 5-year contract. Compare this to Verizon webhosting at $34.99 per month. Unless you have an extensive e-commerce enabled site, you shouldn’t paying more $12 per month for hosting.

Full Traffic/Statistics Reporting Package
Other than basic webhosting, what else can you expect to get for $12 per month? You can get full statistical reporting which tells you the number of unique visitors, hits, what files were downloaded, what keywords were used to find your site, and much more info than you could ever use.

For an example, go to - this is the statistics page for the Woods Creative website. Click on ‘June 2004’ and you can see that we had 961 unique visitors to our site in June.

Your statistics page can either be available to anyone or accessed only with a password; we don’t care who sees our traffic statistics, but you may choose to hide yours.

What do you do with these statistics? Well, for one thing, seeing the actual search keywords used by various search engines to find your site can tell you what people think are the important terms that should be embedded in the code of your site. Also, you may be surprised to see that your site may be getting a lot of international traffic you may not have realized.